Sunday, March 24, 2013

10 Reasons Your Non-Writer Friends and Family Think You're Crazy

     1.  Sometimes you enter the bedroom, laptop under your arm and a thermos of coffee in your hand, and despite the screaming children and a pleading husband, you emerge hours later without any idea what's going on
     2.  While you are writing on your computer, you unknowingly start squinting at the screen and  lean closer and closer until you are inches away and when your loving (concerned) husband asks what you are doing, you snap at him for disrupting your concentration

     3.  Your darling child has to ask you what's for lunch seven times before it actually sinks in

     4.  You find yourself staring into space while out and about, and while you know that you are plotting out your story or thinking up good dialogue, the lady picking out a bunch of bananas at the grocery store does not and shoots you an "Are you supposed to be out of your straight jacket and among the public by yourself?" kind of look.

     5.  You gradually become more irritable and begin to resemble something of a troll.  You realize this is more true than a joke when you find you would actually prefer to remain holed-up in a cave somewhere until you finish the manuscript.

     6.  Your friend or family member asks you what you think of the new Pope and you reply, "Wait, what?  I didn't know we had a new Pope."

     7.  You spend most of your day having entire conversations with people that don't really exist

     8.  You start asking random questions of people like, "Honey what is that thingy called that you pull down with your thumb on the back of a gun?" or "Is it possible to build an entire complex underground beneath a skyscraper?"

     9.  You begin to show complete disregard for personal hygiene as well as social norms like mealtimes, appropriate dress in a public setting (you mean I can't wear my sweatpants six days a week???), etc.

     10.  Even though you know that your eight month-old baby wakes up at or before 5am every morning like clockwork, you stupidly stay awake into the wee hours of the morning writing and then are completely dumbfounded as to how you only managed to get three hours of sleep (this could also have something to do with #5)