About Me

        I am a mother of two, a lover of all things freshly baked, and an aspiring author.  I wrote my first book when I was six years old, (not published yet, mind you) and have been writing ever since.  I put the pen aside for a few years when I started my own family, which is a really nice way of saying I gave up a social life, hobbies, and the majority of my sanity.  During this time, I also developed a serious baking problem.  I have decided it's high time I pick up the pen again, or laptop, and make use of what I've been given.  So, now I'm offering up my experiences in cooking and baking, writing, and surviving the beautiful chaos that is Tropical Storm: Life.

7 Random Facts About Me
(because 5 is not enough and I'm not interesting enough for 10)
  1. I am currently writing a novel, although my heart lies in poetry.
  2. I live in Colorado, but am a Midwest girl through and through (born in Minnesota).
  3. I have a small (big) anxiety problem.  I also have some small (huge) control issues.  I'm working on it.
  4. I cannot go through an entire day without chocolate.  It's just not possible.  Who would want to, anyway?
  5. I am an avid college hockey fan.  (From MN, remember?)
  6. I am great at starting things...
  7. I am awful at finishing things.  This began as a top ten list.  I rest my case.