Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Words on Wednesday

Words on Wednesday

Just a little poetry for your Wednesday...

I am a huge fan of the prompts provided by the lovely people over at Writer's Digest and try to participate in their weekly poetry prompt as often as I can.  This poem came from today's prompt regarding patchwork.

Early Afternoon

There is a patch of light,
liquid gold spun from
the front door.

It crawls across the floor-
an underscore
of spilled moments.

The rusted color
of reticent dust,
stains retained.

Somehow, the sky
seems less certain
behind the curtain,

but not here,
in this patch of light-
playwright of mid-afternoon.
I stare down the curve-
apple cider surface-
and the nerve of question marks

embark on the unspoken
answers, broken shadows
growing tall.

The truth is on the walls;
changeling space,
bathing bronze.

I long to touch
the patch of light;
it absconds.