Wednesday, April 3, 2013

RTW- A Three-fold Journey Through Time and Space

Road Trip Wednesday

It's Wednesday again, and you know what that means: a road trip on the YA Highway!   This week's question is an intriguing one that I had difficulty answering:

If you could visit any country with a fictional character as your guide, who would you pick and where would you go?

My indecisive nature rang true while thinking about this one and, no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't narrow down my list of top three people and places to one.  I also struggled with the fact that, in posting this answer, I will be revealing to the world my deepest nerdy desires to travel with people who don't really exist to places that may or may not exist.

Oh well.

So, I will give you my top three.  They would all be equally awesome, in my opinion.  I used the destination concept very loosely in deciding where I would visit and also some are in a different time as well.  There goes my imagination again.

Trip #1
Guide:  Indiana Jones
Destination:  Egypt, early 20th century


Growing up, my dream was to become an archeologist.  I was obsessed with everything relating to ancient Egypt and fantasized about running important archeological digs and discovering the tombs of the pharaohs beneath the sand.  I remember watching the Indiana Jones movies and latching onto his character with enthusiasm.  I absolutely idolized him.  I think a trip to Egypt during the time when a lot of the Valley of the Kings was being discovered would be a stellar adventure.  We'd probably run into trouble with some locals, but good ol' Indie and his trusty whip would get us out alive! 

Trip #2
Guide:   Albus Dumbledore
Destination:  Hogwarts


This one is easy and universal.  Who wouldn't love a guided tour of one of the richest fictional places ever created alongside the man that lives there and knows all of its deepest secrets???  Dumbledore seems like the kind of guy that wouldn't hold back on all the wild and fun aspects of the castle, even if it meant a little danger was involved.

Trip #3
Guide:  Jay Gatsby
Destination:  Prohibition-era Manhattan


Gatsby may have been a lying, manipulative, selfish person, but let's face it: the guy knew how to throw a party.  What I wouldn't give to throw caution to the wind and dive into that carefree, live-in-the-moment lifestyle just for a weekend.  I certainly couldn't live forever that way, but there is something very alluring about his consuming ambition.  If I could tag along on one of his weekend soirees, I imagine he would be a magnificent host.

I would love to hear any other opinions or ideas on a great trip with a fictional guide.  Think I got it all wrong?  Set me straight!  Who and where would you choose?