Wednesday, June 19, 2013

RTW: Superhuman Skills

We're trekking along on the YA Highway again for Road Trip Wednesday.  So buckle up and enjoy the ride!  This week's question asks:

This Week's Topic: In our Bookmobile selection this month, Amy Tintera's REBOOT, the main character has died and been reborn as a robot-like soldier. If you were reborn faster, stronger, and quicker healing, what's the first thing you'd do?
The idea of being reborn into a superhuman version of myself is one I haven't thought of since I was a kid.  I can remember wishing I was faster, stronger, and quicker healing many times as a kid, particularly when my older brother was chasing me, tying me to trees, and otherwise picking on his annoying little sister.  Now, I'm not sure I would even know what to do with superhuman skills. 

There are the menial tasks that my superhuman quickness could accomplish in a matter of minutes, like cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, cooking dinner, and things like that.  I could probably be in and out of the grocery store in under five minutes and carry all the groceries in one trip.  I could actually open the monstrous jar of pickles all by myself. 

Sure, there are a lot of things I could do with my new-found superhuman skills.  But I think before I tackled all that, I would want to do something fun to challenge myself.  How cool would it be to be able to just flat out run until your legs can't run anymore and wind up in Brazil or somewhere far, far away?  Then go for a light swim and voila; you wash up on the beach in Casablanca.  I think that's what I would do first: travel the world on my own two feet.  The super-speedy house cleaning and butt-kicking action would come later. 

What would you do with superhuman skills?