Tuesday, June 18, 2013

RTW: What's in Your Post-Apocalyptic Carry-On?

Road Trip Wednesday... on a Tuesday???  Yep, we're bending rules on the blog, today.  Good thing, too, because my writer-hermit brain needed a jumpstart this morning.  Last week's question at YA Highway asked:

If you time-traveled to a post-apocalyptic future, what would you bring?

 Everyone fortunate enough to know me knows that I am a notorious over-packer.  For some reason, I feel the need to prepare for various catastrophic events every time my family and I travel.  Everyone knows the one time you don't bring the winter parka is the time you will need it.  Never mind that it's July and going to be eighty degrees the whole trip, just bring it anyway.

But traveling to a post-apocalyptic future might actually be a simple thing for me.  The worst has already happened, so there isn't really much to be prepared for. 

I would definitely need to bring some fresh produce since I'm guessing there won't be much available post-apocalypse;  some fresh fruit and veggies ought to perk up the ashen gray scene. 

I would also have to bring a few books, because who knows how many would survive the apocalypse?

I think a jar of peanut butter would also be in order.  Maybe an extra jar to barter with; I would think peanut butter would be a pretty hot commodity in a world of canned sardines and stale crackers. 

Also, some batteries.  Doesn't it always seem like the people that survive apocalyptic catastrophes are in serious need of batteries? 

And the most important thing inside my duffel would have to be seeds.  I would bring copious amounts of seeds.  Watermelon, zucchini, tomatoes, carrots; you name it, I'll grow it.  Now let's just hope I can find some sort of fresh, non-zombie-virus-infested water source...

What would your bag include?